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Save Money With a PEX Repipe

We Offer PEX Repiping Service in Sunnyvale, Folsom, Sacramento, San Jose, CA & the Bay area

PEX repiping is a popular service in Folsom, Sacramento, San Jose, CA & the Bay area. This is a plastic piping material that resists acidic water and is extremely flexible. It's an ideal option because it's quiet and extremely durable. If you're looking to upgrade your piping system, look no further than Advanced Repipe Specialist. Our team will gladly perform a thorough PEX repipe service at your home or office.

Our PEX repiping specialist provides all drywall patching and repair services should we need to open the walls of your building. If you're in Sacramento, CA or the Bay Area, call 408-609-4807 or 916-605-9572 today to schedule your service.

What are the benefits of PEX Repiping?

Pex piping keeps your water system fresh and minimizes your risk of potential leaks. If you're considering a PEX repipe, check out the benefits of this material:

  • It's durable
  • It's eco-friendly
  • It's cheaper than other materials
  • The installation process is quick

Investing in a PEX repipe will save you hundreds of dollars on your utility bill annually. No wonder it's such a popular option!

Let's schedule your service in Folsom, Sacramento, San Jose, CA & the Bay area today. Call us now to meet your PEX repiping specialist.